Dark Night of the Soul

by The Council of Days

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“Tendimus huc omnes; metam properamus ad unam. Omnia sub leges mors vocat atra suas.” - Ovid

So, here we are at last. “Dark Night of the Soul” is a journey which I started in late 2013. It took a lot out of me, but I’m actually happy with the result, which surprises me more than anyone. With this record, I strove to keep things diverse and not fall into a definable pattern. Variety is the spice of life, after all. My other goal was to create music influenced by (and with a clear progression from) all the waves/generations of goth rock, but at the same time not retread the same ground. Anyway, thank
you for purchasing this record. I hope you enjoy it, and always feel free to drop a line at: thecouncilofdays@gmail.com


released July 29, 2014

Edward Schreiber - vocals, guitars, bass, keyboard

Copyright 2014 Edward Schreiber. All music and lyrics written, performed, recorded and produced by Edward Schreiber.

Samples on this record by Freesound.org users: bendavisdrumguy, bosone, corsica-s, davidjwoll, dropthedyle, felix.blume, freddyfool, hello-flowers, herbertboland, imitatia_dei, jimimod, kjell-persson, krishnanow, minorr, nickgar, n1ghthawk, noisecollector, nosebleed-cinema, robinhood76, rubberduckie, sandyrb, soundisbetter7, stephensaldanha

Cover photo by PublicDomainPictures at Pixabay. Back photo by Falconaumanni at Wikimedia commons. The following artists' works have been incorporated into this record's package design and modified by Edward Schreiber: Brett Jordan, Chris Redmond, Falconaumanni, PublicDomainPictures, RA Lydekker

Several incorporated visual/audio works are licensed under different Creative Commons licenses. To the publisher's knowledge, all works are available for commercial re-use. Every effort has been made to credit all authors involved. If you believe your work has gone uncredited or been misused, contact thecouncilofdays@gmail.com so this can be immediately addressed.

Special thanks to: my family, Angela, Robert, Lazarus, my Steam friends, Mick Mercer, Kitty Lectro, DJ De'Ath, Rick DJ Wolfman, Vandersson Carvalho, all the artists/sound designers who've allowed my use of their work and last but not least, a big thanks to my fans (all 3 of them).



all rights reserved


The Council of Days Huntsville, Alabama

One-man goth rock band influenced by all kinds of dark music from across the decades. The result is heavy and intoxicating music which explores the somber and sensual, the monstrous and beautiful.

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Track Name: Methedrine
Moving at the speed of sound
I feel a new empire crowned
Out there, from Athens to Berlin
bloodlines just underneath the skin

Trying to remain unseen
living on dreams and methedrine
with the soul of a neutron bomb
one spark and everything is gone

Living in tomorrow never comes
over the limit and on the run
Still not certain what you want
just the evidence that you are not

Watch the empires fall
Watch the temples burn
Watch every man sifting through the ashes
Watch the empires fall
Watch the temples burn
Watch it all come down

Moving at the speed of sound
I feel a second empire crowned
Out there, from Athens to Berlin,
bloodlines just underneath the skin

Into the vein and out of control
following the night where the crippled go
searching in these concrete castles
for any trace of God

But the only God that you can touch
is the gun in your hands
and the only lover you can trust
is running through your veins
Track Name: House of the Serpent
in the house of serpent
under the eye of chaos
we pierce the skin and flood the system
an occult infection through assimilation

coursing through your veins
from social envenomation
We obfuscate and incinerate
through internal attrition

we are the order of disorder
the cult without a name
we are your brother and your slayer
we are sacred and profane

we are the sanguine river
in the eye of providence
and we will gladly reward
your overdue recompense

we crawl through the desert
ascend your spine
caress the withered rose
wrapped around your
wrapped around your throat

as ancient as the sun
you've scorned the divine and the regal
but in the process, nonetheless
you emerged as their equal

the great deceiver speaks with
the mass interest in mind
yet scatters to the sunlight
lest the shadows make them blind

blinded by his golden crown
you cast us to the darkness
where we've learned to adapt
to this world, now our own

but you've left your mark with pride
which makes you effortless to find
you may feast within your temple
as the snake ascends your spine

we crawl through the desert
ascend your spine
caress the withered rose
wrapped around your
wrapped around your throat
and we crawl through the desert
(in the house of the serpent)
slithering up your spine

in the Western sky
between the bleeding horizon
and the black desert
the serpent devours the sun

and you may wait for me
with a dagger in your hand
but wait in vain, for I return
like a thief in the night

in the house of the serpent
at the gateway to the desert
the silent empire is awakened
to the scent of burning roses

and we crawl through the desert
(in the house of the serpent)
slithering up your spine
caressing the withered rose
wrapped around your
coiled around your throat
Track Name: Epitaph (Second Seal)
We saw the light and it blinded us
We're convinced that we are right
and so the rest must be wrong

We're smart enough to justify
any madness, any crime
but simple to manipulate
just set us at each others' throats

When we were young
we walked the path
and bought the lies
then fell in line

Learned to fear.
not to question
got the uniform
and joined the club

You cling to your beliefs
because they were your parents'
believing what you're told
Never reasoned, bought and sold

and we can justify our crimes
with reason or religion
but we fail to realize
that deep down, we are the heathens

Though no one is innocent
we all love looking down
We divide, spread like a virus
but remain the faceless masses

Is there anyone alive
or has the epitaph been written?

I never walked in your world
but observed through broken glass

I'm stranded in a foreign land
from which there's no escape
and so retreat into myself
and slowly waste away

Is there anyone else still alive
or has the epitaph already been written?
Track Name: No Future
No future (No future)
No reason (No reason)
Got nothing and no one to believe in
No past (we've learned from)
No grace (to fall from)
But does it have to be this way?

We have no future
We have no past
We're drifting off to dreamland
on the venom of an Asp

Everybody's got a sideshow and
Caesar loves to watch us spin
We got everything we wanted
and let the wolves move right on in

and I just can't shake this feeling
that something isn't right
I keep waiting for that phone call
in the middle of the night

They say the show is ending
Well, it's had a decent run
But the writer's pen ran dry
it's been the same since season one

Once you learn the truth
it changes everything
The doctor says it's terminal, contagious and incurable
and where it strikes, it stings

I know you've tried, my brother
to swim against the tides
and you've fallen so many times
by the hand of those you've lifted high

But there's nothing you can do
their defects are yours as well
From a liar's paradise we fell
and dragged each other down to hell

and the more you struggle
the tighter you are grasped
like some desperate lovers
frightened and amassed

and you must be so weary
from travelling so long
We made this bed for you
so drift away to the sound of your swan song

But does it have to be this way?
Track Name: Anaesthetics
They say I was born a performer
who desired only to be heard
Don't recall how it all went wrong
but justice was never served

Roots and foundation stole my voice and then my choice
I never even auditioned and the script was already written
They gave me several roles a fool, a scapegoat and a slave
and the audience was cruel which only sealed my silent fate

I trusted him when I was defenseless
and betrayed, I grew to despise
He still believed he did no wrong
and so I severed all
of our ties

and I could curse them every day
but they're longer standing in my way
and what's a story without conflict
without adversity anyway

but everyone is watching me
just waiting for a victim
Our favorite pastime here
is dehumanization

Can you see the beauty
that lies in isolation?
Let it drag me down again
before I regain sensation

When I lie here in submission
drunken on depression
we can still be united
through waves and vibrations

What they say is true
I am my own worst enemy
It's been an enduring war
but I've been advancing steadily

Can you see the beauty
that lies in sublimation?
Let it drag me under again
before I regain sensation

When I lie here in submission
drunken on depression
we can still be united
through waves and vibrations

But I'm here for a reason
to break my vow of silence
So let this voice be heard
Let it resonate with violence
Track Name: Ego Sum Chao

Brother, I betrayed you
though not unjustified
Your people rose against me
for a crime that was not mine

They say you are a saint
but you withheld my alibi
and if you name me adversary
I will dutifully oblige

Brother, I defended you
against the serpent's grasp
Now that you've disowned me
I shall see your works collapsed

You cast me into darkness
better to obscure my hand
For long here have I dwelled
in your temples, beneath the sands
But fear not, dear brother
for I always stand beside you
Though your language fails to hide you
and the world will not abide you

In arrogance and pride
you built a throne of lies
and lead your children down the
garden path to their demise
Still he waits in the abyss
with jaws open wide
and when you sink into darkness
none will stand at your side

Scorpio rises when Lucifer falls

Ave Sutah
Ego sum chao
Track Name: Leviathan
We turn to greet the morning sun
at the dawn of a new age
as the burning shadows rise
from beneath a bleeding sky

the savage beast unchained
the poison in your veins

Our work is never finished and we've traveled for so long
oppressed and banished, then forgotten, but still we carry on
Searching for our promised land beneath these frozen wastes
breathing in the ashes, suffering their bitter taste

Perhaps the cause was pure once, back when all of this began
but our fathers have all passed and their words have been profaned
So now have we become precisely that which we despise?
We were promised paradise built upon a throne of lies

Devoted my life to us in pursuit of the secrets
controlling our own brothers with the promise of the answers
If we have a change of heart, we dare not break the silence
so none will stand beside me when I go under the knife

But when we rise together,
no force can stand against us
No longer gripped by fear
we saw the light and broke the circle

and when the dam bursts
you'll hear a deafening sound
for now you hear just whispers
as you till your burial grounds

His forbidden worship lingers still within these darkened shrines
inching closer to the end, resting in the coils of crawling chaos
We are prisoners of paradise unchained and shown the light
but they've hoarded it and keep it locked away, buried deep

He turns from the underworld
to greet the mourning sun
as the raging oceans open wide
to swallow the fallen ones
Track Name: Slow Burn
She is my catalyst
crippling my senses
feeding off my weakness
embracing me when I lie defenseless

Scarlet fills the glass
Her saliva courses through me
and with a single drop
she drowns all my misery

Slow burn
Drowning out the pain
My blood runs cold
just thinking of her
She'd never let me down
though it's simple self-abuse
whenever she's around

This loss of all sensation
masks my disintegration
She promised me a refuge
and invited all my demons

Infatuation, intoxication,
our love and hate affair
She leaves me cold and pallid
then returns with bait and snare

Friends and family,
turned them away at the door
abandoned all the things which
brought me happiness before

She's everything I need
and we can walk alone
So that no one may divide us,
please carve me to the bone